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Welcome to fine Dining at the Multi Award Winning Swan & Cemetery

We believe that dining out should be a special and memorable experience. And at the Swan & Cemetery, we know you won't be disappointed with our delicious home-cooked food, served in our restaurant or on our sun-terrace, next to our wild-flower garden.


Chef’s Soup of the Day,--  £4.95
Delicious homemade soup served with warm crusty roll and butter

Our own Chicken Paté Smooth chicken liver paté,--   £6.95 NEW!
GFO Succulent peeled prawns topped with creamy Marie Rose sauce on bed of shredded Iceberg lettuce with a wedge of lemon served with wholemeal bread

Thai Style Fishcakes,--  £7.25
Duo of salmon, smoked haddock, spring onion, ginger and lemongrass fishcakes, served with a sweet chilli dip

Asian Duck Spring Rolls,--  £7.25
Homemade duck spring rolls, golden fried to perfection served with a plum and hoisin sauce

amous Bury Black Pudding Stacḱ,--  £6.45
Locally sourced ‘Chadwick's’ award winning Bury black pudding, resting on a field mushroom topped with a soft poached egg and parma ham crisps, served with wholegrain mustard sauce

Manchester Hash Cake,--  £6.95
Corned beef hash cake in breadcrumbs, sat on a bed of red cabbage topped with a poached free range egg with classic ‘HP’ sauce

Moules Marinièreś,--  £6.95
A bowl of fresh Morecambe Bay mussels served in a cream, white wine and garlic sauce dressed with freshly chopped parsley accompanied by a wedge of toasted rustic roll
As a main portion --  £10.95

Garlic and Stilton Mushrooms (v),--  £6.95
GFO Button mushrooms in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce topped with Blue Stilton, served with a slice of garlic bread

Malaysian Street Chicken Skewers, NEW! --  £7.75
Fresh chicken strips marinated in chefs own satay, served with a dip pot of satay sauce


Beef Wellington, NEW! --  £18.95
Traditional prime fillet steak, topped with a smooth Ardennes pâté and handpicked wild mushrooms cooked in a light puff pastry, served with sweet potato chips and a red wine gravy

Serious Steak and ‘Thwaite’s’ Ale Pie, --  £11.95
Delicious tender pieces of prime steak gently braised in a ‘Thwaite’s ale gravy and topped with golden puff pastry lid served with hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables

British Steak and Kidney Suet Pudding Handcrafted, --  £13.95
Finest British steak and kidney with homemade suet pudding served with hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables

Fajitas Chicken or Beef, NEW! --  £10.95
A selection of mixed peppers, onions and garlic marinated with guacamole served on a sizzling plate accompanied with tortilla wraps Extra tortilla wraps £0.75 each

Chilli con Carne, --  £9.95
100% British steak mince sautéed with onions, rainbow peppers and chilli served with nachos, boiled rice or hand cut chips

Curry of the Week Chicken, Beef or Vegetable (v), --  £9.95
Please ask your server for this weeks dish, served with boiled rice or hand cut chips, a poppadum and our chef’s own mango chutney

Slow cooked Lancashire Lamb Shank, NEW!--  £13.95
Locally sourced lamb shoulder gently braised in a rich mint gravy served with creamy Maris Piper mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Trio of Lamb, NEW! --  £12.45
Three tender Lancashire lamb cutlets served on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables with rich gravy and mint sauce

Traditional Bangers and Mash, --  £10.45
Caramelised red onion and pork sausages on a bed of bubble and squeak creamed potatoes accompanied with a rich onion gravy and seasonal vegetables

Chicken Wellington, --  £15.95
Chicken breast topped with pate and mushrooms encased in puff pastry with sauteed new potatoes, asparagus spears drizzled with an apricot and white wine jus

Hunter’s Chicken, --  £10.95
Free range chicken fillet topped with crispy bacon, melted Cheddar cheese and our own BBQ sauce served with hand cut chips with seasonal vegetables

Free Range Chicken and Chorizo Pie, NEW! --  £11.95
Tender diced chicken breast and chorizo cooked together in a rich, creamy béchamel sauce topped with a latticed puff pastry lid served with hand cut chips


KieranCarbonara --  £10.95
Tender pieces of chicken, wild mushrooms, strips of bacon along with a hint of chilli and penne pasta in our own rich creamy carbonara sauce

Spaghetti or Penne Bolognese, --  £9.95
Prime British steak mince cooked in chef’s own ragu sauce, finished with a topping of parmesan cheese

Spicy Seafood Penne, --  £9.95
Mixed fresh seafood and penne pasta, tossed in a spicy tomato ragu, garnished with coriander and a hint of coconut cream

Farfalle al Salmone, --  £9.95
Salmon cooked in a creamy sauce tossed through farfalle pasta garnished with chopped parsley


Swan’s Asian Style Salad, GFO --  £10.95
Crispy sesame seed coated duck goujons, placed on a bed of spinach and rocket leaves with shards of cucumber, spring onion and cherry tomatoes, sweet plum slices with a sticky spiced hoisin plum glaze

Classic Chicken Caesar Salad, GFO--  £9.45
Chargrilled chicken strips, crispy bacon tossed with salad leaves, croutons, boiled egg, anchovies & our Chef’s own Caesar dressing

Greek Style Salad, GFO NEW!--  £9.45
Dressed mixed leaves, with a combination of cubed feta cheese, pitted olives, cherry tomatoes, diced cucumber, peppers and red onions bound together with a lemon herb dressing, served with pitta slices

Smoked Haddock and Baby New Potatoes, GFO--  £9.95
Naturally smoked haddock served warm with baby new potatoes, cos lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes and a creme fraiche and mayonnaise dressing garnished with chopped chives

Fillet Steak Salad, --  £13.95
Sliced 6oz warm fillet steak cooked to your liking, fried mushrooms, red onions, cherry tomatoes accompanied with goat’s cheese,served with our own honey, limoncello and English mustard dressing

From The Sea

Our Famous Fish and Chips, --  £10.95
Fresh fillet of haddock in golden light Thwaites beer batter served with homemade hand cut chips, mushy peas and our Chef’s own tartare sauce

Rainbow Trout, GFO--  £14.95
Two fresh line caught rainbow trout fillets pan fried to perfection on a bed of French peas mixed with new potatoes served with courgette and carrot ribbons and drizzled with a Champagne and orange sauce

Crispy Monkfish, --  £18.95
Fresh monkfish wrapped in parma ham, resting on patatas bravas, dressed with green thai infused coconut cream sauce

Italian Style Seabass Fillets, GFO--  £15.95
Served on oven roasted Mediterranean vegetables with baked baby new potatoes, drizzled with Italian limoncello sauce

Succulent Scottish Salmon, --  £13.95
Oven baked salmon fillet topped with your choice of either lemon and herb butter or Cajun spiced butter with new potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Fish Medley Royale, GFO--  £12.95
Tender pieces of Scottish salmon, Atlantic haddock, Greenland Prawns and Morecambe Bay mussels in a wild herb sauce crowned with mashed potatoes & grilled Lancashire cheese served with seasonal vegetables

From The Grill

All our meat is prime English and is purchased from our local, traditional butcher. It has been hung for a minimum of 30 days to ensure its’ tenderness.

10oz Rump Steak, --  £15.95
Chargrilled to your liking, served with hand cut chips or potatoes of the day and seasonal vegetables or side salad

8oz Fillet, --  £17.95
Chargrilled to your liking, served with hand cut chips or potatoes of the day and seasonal vegetables or side salad

Mixed Grill, --  £18.95
Rump steak, gammon, pork steak, pork sausage, black pudding, fried free range egg, tomatoes and mushrooms

Gammon Steak, --  £10.95
Tender 8oz gammon steak topped with your choice of free range egg or pineapple served with hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables

Homemade 8oz Burger, --  £10.45*
Using the finest 100% English minced steak, served on a toasted brioche with lettuce, tomato, red onion & hand cut chips with a spicy tomato salsa relish

Crispy Chicken Burger, --  £10.45*
Organic breast of chicken in breadcrumbs cooked until crispy. Served on a toasted brioche with sliced tomato, red onion, salad leaves, hand cut chips and a homemade Cajun mayonnaise relish

Chicken Fillet, --  £9.95
Oven roasted free range chicken fillet served with hand cut chips, seasonal vegetables and a choice of sauce

*Build your own burger £1.00 each
Choose from one or more of our delicious toppings: bacon, Cheddar cheese, fried egg, sauteed mushrooms and onions

*Why not add one of our homemade sauces, choose from; Spiced Tomato, Lemon & Mustard, Wild Mushroom Dianne, Blue Stilton or Peppercorn Sauce £1.50


Vegetarian Fish & Chips (v), --  £9.95
Lightly battered Halloumi fillets served with homemade hand cut chips, mushy peas and our Chef’s own tartare sauce

Johnson’s Mature Cheddar Cheese and Onion Pie (v), --  £10.45
Melted mature Cheddar cheese, onion and Maris Piper potatoes in short crust pastry served with hand cut chips and seasonal vegetables

Wild Risotto (v), --  £12.95
Asparagus, wild mushroom, sugar snap and pea risotto garnished with parmesan crisps

Stilton, Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche (v), --  £9.45
Deep filled quiche, served hot or cold, with mixed leaves salad and homemade coleslaw, with a choice of buttered new potatoes or hand cut chips

Vegetarian Chilli Burger (v), --  £9.45*
Our own chilli burger, served on a toasted brioche with sliced tomatoes, red onions salad leaves, hand cut chips with spicy tomato salsa relish*




Honey roasted ham and homemade piccalilli --  £5.95

Mature Cheddar cheese (v) with red onion and mayonnaise --  £5.45

Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise--  £5.45

Roast beef and horseradish (Can be served hot) --  £6.45


Tender local steak with balsamic red onions --  £6.95

Chicken, crispy bacon and melted Lancashire cheese--  £6.45

Chef’s club sandwich - filled with chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise--  £6.95

Posh fish finger butty with homemade tartare sauce--  £6.45


A fluffy, oven baked jacket potato served with salad garnish & filled with your choice of:

Grated Cheddar cheese and baked beans --  £5.95

Succulent Greenland prawns with marie rose sauce --  £6.45

Tuna, sweetcorn and mayonnaise --  £5.75

Homemade chilli con carne --  £6.45

Cheese --  £5.45

Hot Bites

Chilli Nachos, --  £6.95
Crunchy tortilla nachos covered in a spicy beef chilli topped with melted cheese served with Jalapeno peppers, salsa and homemade sour cream

Chilli Bowl, --  £6.95
A bowl of hand cut chips and nachos covered in our classic chilli con carne smothered in cheddar cheese

Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings, --  £6.95
Tender chicken wings cooked in chef’s own salt and pepper seasoning, served with a leaf garnish and spring onions

Sharing Platter, --  £13.95
Combination of salt and pepper beef strips, salt and pepper chicken wings, haddock goujons, garlic bread, potato wedges, barbeque sauce and garlic mayo dip

Scampi Basket, --  £8.95
Traditional scampi basket consisting of hand cut chips, scampi, lemon & homemade tartare sauce

Side Dishes

Hand cut Chips £2.95
Basket of rustic Bread & Butter £2.50
Sautéed Mushrooms £3.45
Creamed Spinach £3.45
Side Salad £3.45
Vegetable of the day £3.45
Potatoes ~ mashed, jacket, wedges or new £2.95
Cheesy Chips £3.45
Onion Rings £2.95
Garlic Bread £3.75
Cheesy Garlic Bread £4.25
Coleslaw £1.95
Sweet potato fries £3.95

Everything is cooked freshly to order so at busy times there may be a slight delay but we are confident the wait will be worth it! When available all ingredients are locally sourced. All weights are approximate before cooking. Some dishes may contain traces of nuts or nut derivatives. The Swan & Cemetery avoids the use of G.M. foods within their ingredients and so is confident that this menu is free from any genetically modified foods.

ALLERGENS if you have any special requirements or dietary needs, please contact us. Allergen data is held on each of our dish ingredients, so please ask a team member should you require any more details.


And to testify to the excellence of our dining, the Swan & Cemetery has won Thwaites' Best Pub Dining Award in 2015 and 2016 and we were Top Finalists in Thwaites' Best Pub Dining in 2015 and 2016.

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